Scarfix I.T.S. TM/MC ScarRedux I.T.S. TM/MC New Patented Scar Treatment, Silicone Free
ScarFix-ScarReduxTM/MC scar treatment
VoluBreastTM/MC bust care
StretchReduxTM/MC for stretch marks

ScarFix I.T.S.TM/MC ScarRedux I.T.S.TM/MC

A unique derma-repair system (Gel and OccluGel) that gradually diminishes disfiguring scars. OccluGel TM/MC is a superior alternative to silicone sheets. Easier to use and more hygienic, it adapts to all scar shapes, thus offering greater occlusivity… Scarfix I.T.S TM/MC or ScarRedux I.T.S. TM/MC an innovative worldwide patented technology.



Scar treatment solution. ScarFixTM/MC silicone sheets and scar gel are effective to fade scars progressively, no matter what type of scar or how old it is. Use the ScarFixTM/MC system for all types of scars: due to an injury, burn scars, acne scars, scars from surgery (breast surgery and others), c section scars, scars from tattoos, scars from acid burns and more. Prevents tissue hypertrophy and keloids. The ScarFixTM/MC gel can also be used in skin repair treatment for roseola.



Skin firming, volumizing and tensing care for your breasts, cleavage and neck. VoluBreastTM/MC is an effective bust treatment to increase skin volume and elasticity and enhance skin's density and tautness. It is recommended for cases of breast ptosis (saggy breasts), sagging skin or to retain the benefits of breast surgery. Use VoluBreastTM/MC to firm up the bust's skin and to enhance breast support thanks to its volumizing and tensing effects.



Treatment of stretch marks — Use StretchReduxTM/MC stretch marks reducer to prevent and repair stretch marks, repair uneven skin, restore skin's elasticity and resilience, reduce redness and help slow down skin's aging. StretchReduxTM/MC is effective on stretch marks on the body, stretch marks from pregnancy, stretch marks due to intensive body building or caused by a sudden weight gain or loss, etc.




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