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Do your products work?
Do your products work on everyone?
Do Scarfix, ScarFix I.T.S. and ScarRedux work on all scars?
Do your products work on very old scars (ScarFix, ScarFix I.T.S. and ScarRedux), on a neck or bustline showing the ravages of time (VoluBreast) and even on very old stretch marks (StretchRedux)?
How are your products effective on everyone?
Are mass market products, which cost less, just as effective?
How long before I see an improvement with your products?
Why do all of your products take so long before a very marked improvement is seen?
Why do improvement times differ from person to person?
Are there quicker processes or techniques for people who want their scars removed gradually?
Why do you say that your process is less invasive and therefore less painful?
Can the other, more invasive treatments produce better results?
Are other skin repair processes less expensive?
You have a product (your famous ScarFix Gel) that will gradually diminish the appearance of scars, is that correct?
Can the ScarFix Gel be used with silicone sheets?
What is ScarFix I.T.S.?
What is OccluGel?
What can the ScarFix.I.T.S. system do?
Can I get samples of your products?


Billing and Methods of Payment

What methods of payment do you accept?
What currency can I use and how will my purchase be billed?
Are transactions on your site secure?
Will my personal information be sold or rented out?



Where do you ship from?
Do you ship internationally?
What are your shipping rates?
How long until I receive my order?


Return and Exchange Policy

What is your return policy?