Discover SCARFIX I.T.S. a unique derma-repair system Silicone Free Worldwide Patented Bust care – Breasts, chest and neck Tensor and volumizing effect, increases
skin volume
Firms and enhances skin elasticity Remarkably effective to prevent stretch
Prevents and reduces stretch marks
Repairs uneven skin Restores skin's elasticity and resilience Diminishes skin redness Antioxidant
Progressively fades scars, no matter how
old they are
Used by health care professionals Reduces redness and improves skin's
ScarFix is suitable for all the family

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ScarFix derma- Repair Gel 45 ml

** Our leading product ** Progressively fades scars, no matter how old they are. Reduces redness and improves skin’s appearance. Scarfix gel is suitable for the whole family. Used by health care professionals.

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ScarFix I.T.S. Derma-Repair system

The ScarFix I.T.S. system. The ideal solution to minimize disfiguring scars. A unique system consisting of two worldwide patented products ; Scarfix Gel and Scarfix OccluGel. A superior alternative to silicone sheets. Recommended by surgeons and dermatologists. Visible results in only a few weeks!

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StretchRedux Vapo Spray 150ml

The solution to reduce stretch marks due to: pregnancy, sudden weight gain or weight loss, growth spurt, intensive body building and other changes that cause stretch marks.

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Bust care - Breasts, chest and neck. A skin firming, volumizing and tensing care. Remarkably effective to prevent stretch marks or restore beauty and a youthful appearance.

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