ScarFix I.T.S. the solution – Scar Removal

Discover SCARFIX I.T.S. a unique derma-repair system Silicone Free Worldwide Patented SCARFIX Derma-Repair Gel and OccluGel are designed to work together. Visible results in only a few weeks! SCARFIX Derma-Repair Gel and OccluGel are designed to work together. Visible results in only a few weeks! The SCARFIX OccluGel is a superior patented alternative to silicone sheets for skin repair treatment

ScarFix is sold under the name ScarRedux in the United States, Mexico and South America. Clients from these regions will receive ScarRedux.

The ideal solution to minimize disfiguring scars

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  • The ideal solution scar removal to minimize disfiguring scars.
  • A unique system consisting of two products, Scarfix Gel and Scarfix OccluGel.
  • A superior patented alternative to silicone sheets.
  • Recommended by surgeons and dermatologists.
  • Visible results in only a few weeks!


The Scarfix Innovative Technologies Solution

Scarfix I.T.S. is a derma-repair system that gradually diminishes disfiguring scars from surgical procedures, injuries, burns, tattoo removal, laser treatment, dermabrasion, acid burns, acne cysts or other. Scarfix I.T.S. is also effective on hypertrophied scars and keloids

Scarfix Innovative Technologies System

A unique system consisting of two products, Scarfix Gel and Scarfix OccluGel (patented), designed to work together.


[su_note note_color=”#EBEAEA”]The Scarfix Gel and the patented Scarfix OccluGel, a superior alternative to silicone scar sheets

1) Gel –Scarfix Gel gradually diminishes scars and improves the skin’s appearance. Applying Scarfix Gel makes the skin more elastic and scars more supple. This derma-repair gel helps smooth and soften scars while reducing redness and skin discoloration. Scarfix Gel is also effective on rosacea. Scarfix Gel has a synergistic effect from combining biotechnology with botanical extracts and trace minerals.

2) OccluGel – The main ingredient in Scarfix OccluGel is Pullulan, a natural and innovative polysaccharide with exceptional occlusive properties (compared to cellophane, polyester, polypropylene, etc.).

When dry, Scarfix OccluGel creates a very thin invisible and transparent protective film. Remarkably adherent and highly impervious to oxygen, its flexible microfiber structure adapts to any scar shape. OccluGel is thermostable, biocompatible, non-toxic, non-mutagenic, odourless, water-soluble and antistatic.

Use Scarfix OccluGel with Scarfix Gel for best results in diminishing disfiguring scars.[/su_note]


[su_note note_color=”#EBEAEA”]Scarfix Gel – Every morning and evening, wash the scar thoroughly with soap and water. Let dry. Apply a thin layer of gel, completely covering the scar and one (1) cm around it. Rub lightly to help penetrate the skin. Once the gel is dry, apply sunscreen and/or makeup as desired. Minimum two (2) gel applications per day (morning and evening). The scar must be covered 24 hours per day. Redness will disappear with the application of Scarfix Gel. Since it is water-soluble, the gel will easily dissolve during the next washing.

Scarfix OccluGel – Every evening, after washing and drying the scar, applying a thin layer of Scarfix Gel and waiting a few minutes for it to dry, apply a very small amount of Scarfix OccluGel over the layer of Scarfix Gel. Even if the latter is still a little damp, mixing the two products will not affect results. It takes between 8 and 12 minutes for the two (2) products to dry, depending on skin type. If it takes over 15 minutes, use a smaller dab of Scarfix Gel and/or Scarfix OccluGel. Scarfix OccluGel must be applied once a day, in the evening only, for continuous occlusive skin repair overnight. Since they are water-soluble, Scarfix Gel and Scarfix OccluGel will easily dissolve during the next washing. Note: Do not begin using Scarfix OccluGel until the scar’s redness is completely gone, especially for burns.

  • Never apply Scarfix Gel and/or Scarfix OccluGel on an open or weeping wound.
  • For best results, begin treatment as early as possible, preferably as soon as scarring occurs.
  • Scarfix Gel is very effective on its own. However, scar tissue regeneration is greater when Scarfix Gel and Scarfix OccluGel are used together.
  • For optimal results, the Scarfix I.T.S. system must be used daily.


Scarfix I.T.S. an innovative worldwide-patented technology (GB1120724.8)

Scarfix I.T.S. a non-invasive, easy-to-use treatment!

Scarfix OccluGel is a superior alternative to silicone sheets. Easier to use and more hygienic, it adapts to all scar shapes, thus offering greater occlusivity.

Scarfix OccluGel vs. Silicone Sheets

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  • The patented use of Pullulan in Scarfix OccluGel provides significantly greater occlusivity (oxygen-imperviousness) than silicone sheets or silicone gel.
  • Scarfix I.T.S. uses a vacuum pump to dispense its Scarfix OccluGel, guaranteeing an aseptic product every time. Multiple-use silicone sheets cannot promise the same, even when cleaned with soap and water.
  • With repeated use, silicone sheets can deteriorate and need to be held in place with medical tape, tight clothing, etc. Scarfix OccluGel has exceptional adhesive properties. It is also very comfortable and can easily cover all scar shapes, regardless of the scar’s location on the body (elbow, knee, face, eyelid, etc.). Silicone sheets cannot offer the same flexible use.
  • Scarfix I.T.S. can be used by everyone, even children.
  • Scarfix Gel is the most aesthetic and discrete scar treatment on the market. Once dry, sunscreen/or makeup can be applied over the Scarfix Gel film without any problem.


Duration of treatment

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The Scarfix I.T.S. can begin to visibly improve the appearance of scars in 2 to 8 weeks! All scars are treatable regardless of age, although the older the scar (10 years, 20 years, 30 years…) , the longer the treatment. Treatment time varies from person to person. The age of the scar, the age of the person, type of skin and other factors can affect treatment time. It is recommended to use the Scarfix I.T.S. on a daily basis.


Never apply Scarfix Gel and/or Scarfix OccluGel on an open or weeping wound. Some individuals may develop skin irritation upon using Scarfix Gel and/or Scarfix OccluGel. Should that occur, immediately stop using the products for 2 or 3 days. Apply again. If irritation persists, consult a doctor. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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