StretchRedux – Solution to Reduce Stretch Marks Gradually

Our solution on how to get rid of stretch marks gradually.
Pregnancy marks, stretch marks due to the gain or loss of weight,
muscle and fitness intensive training, etc.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are the skin’s shock imprints that coincide with drastic hormonal changes at different stages of life, namely puberty and pregnancy. Historically, the term stretch mark refers to the skin marks inflicted by an instrument of punishment, notably a ruler or a rod. Stretch marks appear suddenly and never disappear if no treatment is applied. They evolve gradually from a pink-purplish color to a white-ivory, and at times, pearly color. Being a permanent and visible skin anomaly, stretch marks are understandably undesirable. Everybody wants to get rid of stretch marks!

Get stretch marks? Try our solution!

Use StretchRedux to prevent and reduce stretch marks, repair uneven skin, restore skin’s elasticity and resilience, reduce redness and help slow down skin’s aging. StretchRedux is effective on stretch marks on the body, stretch marks from pregnancy, stretch marks due to intensive body building or caused by a sudden weight gain or weight loss, etc.

Women and stretch marks

Few women can avoid stretch marks since they are subjected to endogenous hormonal factors throughout life. Today, other factors are at work, such as corticoids treatment (ROGALSKI, 2002), obesity and, surprisingly, aesthetic surgery (due to stretched skin by breast and buttocks prosthesis, WHITE and al, 1995).

thigh stretch marks

thigh stretch marks

belly stretch marks

belly stretch marks

Thus, more than 60% of women are affected by stretch marks.

Men and stretch marks

Although the percentage is lower with men, they too are concerned. In their case, stretch marks are triggered by puberty, obesity and intense muscle development exercises (most commonly, of the shoulders, chest and arms).

Back and buttocks stretch marks

Back and buttocks stretch marks

Body building stretch marks

Body building stretch marks

Use StretchRedux to prevent and reduce stretch marks gradually.

StretchRedux is the solution to prevent and remove stretch marks gradually

StretchRedux helps prevent stretch marks during the first months of pregnancy and, afterwards, it limits and diminishes skin redness. After childbirth, StretchRedux reduces and refines the stretch marks. StretchRedux not only smoothes, softens and fades stretch marks, it also neutralizes the aging of the skin (anti-oxidizing agent).

StretchRedux’s formula restores the skin’s natural resilience, elasticity and tone. StretchRedux is composed of ingredients, developed by the latest technology, that have a synergetic affect.

Stretch marks treatment

Clinical effectiveness tests. Stretch marks reducction after 56 days.

Clinical effectiveness tests on 13 women with pregnancy stretch marks; after twice-daily application of StretchRedux during a 56 days period. Results: ultrasound image of stretch marks and evaluation by dermatologist.

tableau-efficacite-en-01 tableau-efficacite-en-02

Stretch mark concavity -72,5%
Width -26,7%
Protuberance -21,9%
Color -21,7%
Skin thickness +10,8%

Reducing stretch marks

The above ultrasound image illustrates the evolution of the dermis structure which, from a lamellate aspect, takes on a mastic aspect that is characteristic of normal dermis.



After 56 days :  filling of cavity : 72%

After 56 days :
filling of cavity : 72%

The dermatological evaluation points to a clear improvement of all 3 criteria : Color, Protuberance, Thickness. Dark pink changes to light pink with a – 1,6 grading ( – 22%). The roughness of the surface of the stretch marks is much less apparent with a significant reduction of a 1,3 grading ( – 22%). The distension of the stretch marks is greatly reduced, virtually of 2 grades ( – 26%).

vergeture-avant vergeture-apres

The following image illustrates the improvements.

Skin Repair | S.R. Innovative Products Inc. uses, among other ingredients (over 20), Registril a patented ingredient from Sederma in the manufacturing of their product StretchRedux.

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