Scars of a woman who was hit by a bus in 2005
ScarFix Treatment started in April 2011

Six years ago i was hit by a bus. I spent 8 days in a coma and eight months in a wheelchair! I survived by a miracle. One of the wheels of the bus stepped on my right leg and hip. This does not only damage some of my organs but also ripped my flesh forcing doctors to make an implant. For the implant they took 20 centimeters of skin from my left leg. My skin is very sensitive and heals poorly so I have two huge scars. More and more I see how these wonderful products make effect on my scars. Especially, on my left leg from where they took the skin to make the implant on my right leg. According to my calculations, the scar of the left leg has shortened from at least one centimeters and the appearance of skin has changed enormously. Before the treatment the skin was wrinkled and red like if it had been burned. Now, a lot of wrinkles are diminished and the skin has regained its natural color to a 80%. In my right leg, where they had to remove the meat because it was too atrophied by the tire of bus, I see that also started to improve. I have like a hole and around the Scar the skin was very thick, now this contour is a lot more smoother.

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Breast reduction scars

In April, 2010, I underwent a mammary reduction. Further to this surgery, I had complications at the level of the nipples. The necrosis developed what caused the loss of some parts of my nipples. I had to undergo 3 microsurgeries to remove completely this necrosis. I ended up with a hole as large as 25 cents in each nipple. A year later, a friend of mine told me about Scarfix. I have being used it for about 7 months. These wonderful products changed my life. I see a huge difference on the color of the skin, the thickness and the textures of the scars. Scarfix made for me, an enormous difference.Anne, Montreal

After a breast lifting, the scars healed quickly

Following a mastopexy (breast lifting), I undertook a treatment with the product Scarfix (Scarfix kit: Breast reduction). I was astonished to see that little time after the usage of the product, the scars healed quickly and the redness diminished. I would say even that the product in itself has a desensitizing effect. In the following weeks, I was able to observe that the scars lessened with an improvement again more apparent at the level of the relief of the scars around the nipples. I am very satisfied of the Scarfix system and I plan to continue the treatment. Johanne, Montreal

Permanent scars from a bicycle accident fade

Last summer, my son had a bicycle accident that brought him to the Hospital and left him with two permanent scars, one on the right cheek and one under his chin! A few months later, a friend told me about the efficiency of Scarfix. At the beginning, I was a little sceptical, but I thought that I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Right after starting using it, the scars started to fade and decreased as the weeks passed. Thank you, Scarfix for your amazing product.Alain Létourneau, St-Hubert

Get rid of body building stretch marks

I work out constantly to stay in shape. In the beginning, when I was bulking up, I noticed that I started to develop stretch mar ks around my shoulders. I was mass shocked, I thought that stretch marks would only appear if I gained weight, not muscle mass. After all that hard work to be in shape, I couldn’t even show my body because of these red, deep marks around my shoulders. I was really disappointed, until a friend told me about your product so I decided to try it. Now I’m in shape and I have no stretch marks. Your product is absolutely amazing, it worked really fast and my skin is so smooth a baby would be jealous. Thank-you so much for putting this product on the market, I will recommend it to everyone I know with the same problem at the gym.Sébastien Boisclair, Montreal

Breast cysts – Scarfix helps enormously

I used the treatment Scarfix and I saw changes at the level of my skin in only 5 days. I do cysts between the breasts and it was for me a complex. My skin is scared by the cysts I have had for several years. Scarfix helps me enormously, for even if I still get cysts, at least they are a lot less visible!Paola, Lachenaie

Pregnancy stretch marks

Two years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Daniel, he is my life, my everything. However during my pregnancy, I developed multiple stretch marks on my stomach. They were red-purplish and deep in my skin, even after losing all the baby weight, they did not go away. I tried all the creams available on the market for stretch marks but nothing worked! So I decided to invest in buying your product. I was AMAZED at how fast it worked, within 3 weeks, the redness diminished greatly and my skin was much smother. After only 2 months, my stomach is back to its old self, smooth with no signs of any stretch marks ever being there. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Now I can enjoy the beach with my baby without worrying about my stomach.Patricia Montano

Ever since I was teenager, I have had disfiguring stretch marks

Dear SR Innovative Products, Ever since I was a teenager I have had disfiguring stretch marks on my body. Deep red and purple lines passing across my stomach, legs, hips, arms and my chest. I was never really that big so I didn’t understand where they came from. My doctor simply said my skin was not as elastic as everyone else’s. I’ve struggled my whole life trying to hide these from people, I even used foundation to hide the ones on my arms. I tried everything, I was hopeless. A friend them told me about your product and I decided to try, I had nothing left to lose. I was praying it would work so I wouldn’t be disappointed again. After 3 months, my skin is flawless, I have never felt so good about myself. I can finally wear short sleeves, bathing suits and dresses. Your product changed my life!! I’m extremely grateful, thank-you so much. A thankful customer.Chantal

A surgeon recommends Scarfix after a breast implant surgery

I had an operation for a second time on Wednesday, February 3, 2010, which was three days ago. The surgery was done to correct my breast implants. My surgeon also wanted to fix the scars under my breasts since they didn’t look good: they were wide due to hypertrophic scarring. He also strongly recommended I use Scarfix silicone strips. I ordered them today on the Internet. I am already very satisfied with your product. Last year, my surgeon reshaped the top of my belly button because of a piercing and the effects of pregnancy. He had to redo the operation twice in only a few months because the scar was becoming hypertrophic and keloid. After the last operation, I ordered the smallest silicone strip, which I’ve worn for the past five months. The scar is looking much better and is slowly getting smaller. Thank you!C. Leblanc

VoluBreast “I like this product so much, I would even bath in it!”

I like this product so much, I would even bath in it! I use VoluBreast to firm up my breast, and also to tighten arm skin.J. Tremblay, Montreal